Role Delineation Study

  • This study is conducted to develop certification and licensing examinations in health professions
  • Exam Wiser primarily uses local specialists to determine which tasks are critical for competent job performance by identifying the minimum amount of knowledge and skills required to perform job-related functions
  • In the second step, the company seeks feedback from international specialists
  • The company generates the required list of references and seeks validation from local and international specialists

Development of Test Blueprint

  • Exam Wiser develops test blueprints by using international specialists on the basis of the findings of the role delineation documents and then provide to local specialists/committees for their review and approval
  • The Company uses the approved blueprint to guide examinees, target item writing, ensure consistency across test forms, design tests that can meet the requirements, define the acceptable evidence to infer mastery of learning targets and ensure the validity

Item Construction

Exam Wiser has a unique network of international item writers, covering all medical (and other health sciences) specialties whose production is always aligned with a test blueprint. They write items with respect to:

  • Up to date and high quality content
  • Cognitive level proportion for items written
  • Originality of items
  • Standard format and structure
  • High quality images and audio-visual files without copyright issues
  • Complete absence of item writing flaws

Item Review and Revision

Exam Wiser takes the full responsibility of the process of item review and revision. This includes:

  • Correct formatting of items
  • Comprehensive review to identify item writing flaws in language, stem, lead in and options (In addition, a general accuracy of the content)
  • Edit and revise questions using native English speaking professionals and/or healthcare related editors

Validation of Items

  • Exam Wiser sends all items for a final scientific review and classification to our own International specialists and/or the members of the local exam committee or their appointees.

Item Banking

  • After reviews and revisions of submitted items, they are finally upload into the fully automatic and secured question bank
  • The item banks are developed and reside on a dedicated server within the United States to ensure maximum security.

Form Assembly

  • By test blueprint's categories, sub-categories, cognition levels, etc.
  • By using unique IDs entered into the data entry field, as these can be stored in the system when an exam is created
  • By using psychometric data about the level of difficulty, discriminatory index or other indices, number of exposures, etc.
  • There shall be a randomization function for item order and/or options order
  • Automatically generate exams using items tagged with unique IDs

Standard Setting

  • Exam Wiser seeks the services of local and international specialists for the standard setting (minimum passing level)
  • This is done according to the modern practice in the field of educational assessment

Test Delivery

  • Exam Wiser provides secure software to the Client's local site for both computer based delivery or paper and pencil based exams
  • Exam Wiser constructs exams that satisfies the formal examining function (format etc.) as well as Exam Committee reviews and the editing of the items
  • Exam Wiser is able to produce a myriad of compatible formats if our Client opts to use some other test delivery company such as Prometric or Pearson VUE.
  • Our software is capable of generating score reports immediately for candidates and clients
  • Our software is supported Windows as well as Android and iOS devices.

Psychometric Analysis

Exam Wiser has the capacity to provide psychometric analysis of exams using experienced psychometricians. The analysis includes:

  • Bank cleansing
  • DIFF index, proportion of candidate marking the correct key
  • Hi-Lo discrimination index
  • Item distractor analysis
  • Mean test score
  • Frequency of option selection as proportion of all candidates, top ability and low ability candidates
  • Point-biserial correlation
  • Exam reliability

Value Added Service

  • Improve the quality of existing items
  • Improve the number of MCQ items in question banks
  • Decrease the cost of test development
  • Improve the security of question banks
  • Build Client's in-house capacity to build and deliver exam sessions at its own sites
  • Faculty development webinars