The mission of the Exam Wiser is to provide a secure means for all of our clients to achieve the highest standards of safety and excellence in professional exam services.


Exam Wiser is a leading consultancy in the design and development of high-stakes examinations for medical/health science graduating, certification and licensing agencies in the USA and overseas. We provide A-Z solution for the development of exams from the initial concept of an assessment from test blueprinting through item writing, editing and performance analysis, to exam delivery and question bank maintenance.

We cover all healthcare specialties from undergraduate to postgraduate levels and help our clients to produce high-stakes examinations by working with professionals in the field such as doctors and other medics to help us produce better examinations.

Our team members consist of highly qualified professionals in exam development, item writing and editing, psychometric analysis, and computer programming.

Our team is led by an experienced educationist with an MD, double masters and a PhD with a long and rich experience in higher education and test development.


  • We understand our Clients' goal; to determine who should or should not be their degree/certificate/license holder, provide feedback to their examinees about their performances and set a standard of healthcare practice in the country.
  • We understand the responsibilities of health science schools and healthcare authorities; to maintain the high quality of country's healthcare systems.
  • We understand that the development of exams is a rigorous and cost-intensive process.
  • We understand that our Clients are heavily engaged in running their undergraduate and postgraduate programs, admissions of students, registration of healthcare workers, accreditation of training programs and training centers, etc.

So, we offer high quality and cost-effective exam development services in the line of international standards and the best practice and bring these services within the reach of our Clients according to their programs objectives.